Recover the lost pictures from any device


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RecoverMyPhotos is an application which will recover those photos you erased by mistake. It can be used to recover photos from hard drives, flash drives, USB keys, Memory cards,...

It can be used by three different ways:
- Fast search which will locate all folders and files recently deleted.
- Full Scan which is a slower process, but it also scans clusters of the selected drive.
- Deep scan, capapable of locating files into accidentally deleted devices, the slowest one, but the most useful.

It is housed in a very easy to use interface which will let novice users to recover their files. You choose the device you want to scan and once the scan process has finished it shows the photos to recover and the status (overwritten,poor, medium, very good).

With justo one click you’ll be able to recover them.

This shareware version only lets you see the files, but not to recover them.

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